Healing Crystals That Are Commonly Used

Crystals belong to the family of quartz. The can be blue, carnelian, mossy, yellow, brown, green, in the full range of colors, in layers or stripes. We also find them dyed.

This gem is composed within its geode by millions of crystalline particles that are not crystals but cryptocrystals (agglomerated crystals). New age crystals are very popular today for various uses.

In thin sections it is usually translucent. It appears in the form of spherical or almond-shaped inclusions in basic volcanic rocks. The striped pattern is due to rhythmic crystallization. Under the influence of weathering, a white crust forms on the outer layer and on the upper layers of the agate. In the interior of the agate almond, well-developed crystals often appear, such as Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Calcite, Hematite, Siderite.

Healing properties of agates in general include digestive problems. And they help for people to be more willing to accept us. They also contribute to physical and emotional balance as well as reinforce the action of other minerals.

Agate Yellow

Agate is a grayish yellow color. There are many varieties, such as the chalcedony agate, the jasper agape, the smoked agate, the onyx, etc.

New age crystals

It is related to the solar plexus chakra and its capacity for vibration relaxes the nervous system. It provides emotional balance.

Agate Blue

With white streaks in variations of blue from light to dark, it is a deep blue and usually with white streaks.

This stone is linked to the chakra of the throat or larynx in its shade of light blue and with the frowning chakra, in deep blue. It provides serenity. Increase perseverance, intuition and perception. The intensity of its energy is directly related to its purity.

These are two of the types of crystals that are very popular when used for healing and spiritual reasons.