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5 Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Posted by Giuliana on

Moving into a new house is an exciting experience. While you wait on your furniture to arrive, you might want to rent some furniture in the meantime. If you have a baby, a high chair rental could be the solution to your problem. Here are a few other ideas to consider when you first move in.

1.    Change the Locks

You can never be certain how many duplicate keys were made by previous owners. One of the easiest ways to protect your new home is to change the locks immediately. This will ensure you’re the only one with the keys to your doors.

You can either do this yourself or call a locksmith. Any hardware store will have deadbolts for sale if you choose the DIY option.

2.    Check for Leaks

This should have been done by your housing inspector before you purchased, but it doesn’t hurt to do a once over again. It should be done regularly to ensure you aren’t losing any water and overpaying on your water bill.

3.    Steam Clean the Carpets

Even if they just laid fresh carpet, you’ll want to clean them before your furniture arrives. You can either hire a professional cleaning service or rent a steam from a local hardware store. Perhaps one of your friends has one you can borrow.

4.    Wipe Down the Cabinets

This should go without saying. Before placing any of your items on shelves, make sure they are clean. Make sure you wipe them inside and out with a mild detergent. This will help you keep that new home feeling for longer.

5.    Find the Circuit Breaker and Main Water Valve

high chair rental

In the event of a power outage or leak, you need to know where these two things are located. Take the time to figure out which fuses go to which rooms.